Cultural entrepreneurship: challenges and strategies

Cultural entrepreneurship: challenges and strategies
Author: Harald Pechlaner ; Dagmar Abfalter ; Giulia Dal Bò (eds.)

[…] This book focuses on the analysis of cultural enterprises in the light of the economic and social changes that are currently affecting many countries and sectors. The deconstruction of traditional value models based on deregulation and globalization, together with crises on economic, social and environmental level, increase the need for innovative business models and newly defined living spaces. Cultural entrepreneurs work in the domains of arts and culture, but at the same time contribute to broader sociocultural development. Culture can actually be understood as the sum of capabilities that enable social development. Entrepreneurship is a cultural achievement in itself, because cultural entrepreneurs always strive to satisfy social needs and thus develop a specific culture of innovation. Cultural entrepreneurs need to span a bridge between the cultural and economic aspects of their business, as their success depends on striking a balance between making profits out of their activity and offering culturally valuable products.


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