Resonance blog: “Haiti, Development Opportunity?” It’s unlikely there’s a more tarnished place brand in the western hemisphere than Haiti’s. Beset by political instability and then disaster, the words ‘Haiti’ and ‘tourism’ sound about as compatible as ‘oil’ and ‘water’. But after facilitating a visioning workshop in Port au Prince for the Ministry of Tourism and Groupe IBI/DA this past … Continue reading Resonance blog: “Haiti, Development Opportunity?”


Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change The Vegetarian Festival and the city pillar: the appropriation of a Chinese religious custom for a cult of the Thai civic religion Being lost: tourism, risk and vulnerability in the post-‘9/11’ entertainment industry Diaries, dicks, and desire: how the leaky traveler troubles dominant discourse in the eroticized Caribbean Making space for tourists with minority … Continue reading Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change