Atlas Cultural Tourism Research Project

A Global Network for cultural tourism research Cultural tourism has been identified as one of the most important areas of global tourism demand. The importance of this market has created a need for information on the characteristics, behaviour and motivations of cultural tourists. Over the past 20 years, the ATLAS Cultural Tourism Research Programme … Continue reading Atlas Cultural Tourism Research Project

Cultural Tourism in Europe (reading)

Cultural Tourism in Europe (PDF) Edited by Greg Richards The research project on which this book is based began to take shape in 1991, when the European Association for Tourism and Leisure Education (ATLAS) was given financial support by DGXXIII of the European Commission for a transnational study of European cultural tourism. The basic reason … Continue reading Cultural Tourism in Europe (reading)

Cultural Tourism Ireland

Bespoke archaeology and cultural heritage travel learning experiences Our mission is to bring Ireland’s cultural heritage to life by making it possible for people interested in archaeology, anthropology history to experience the excitement of a real archaeological research excavation. We can provide unrivalled access to archaeological and historical monuments and places, and to the … Continue reading Cultural Tourism Ireland