Upstart Collab for artists, investors and innovators

Upstart Co-lab is a new collaboration platform based in New York with national scope for the USA.  It will build a bridge to connect artists with the opportunities of impact investing and social entrepreneurship, and will connect social innovators with the storytelling, improvisation and creative intelligence of artists. Upstart Co-Lab will 1) Increase opportunities for … Continue reading Upstart Collab for artists, investors and innovators

@Diversity project

@Diversity Project The Pilot Project "@ Diversity – Innovative Ideas for the cultural and creative sector in Europe" is an initiative funded by the European Union. Its implementation is entrusted to the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission which, following an open call for tender, awarded the contract to a … Continue reading @Diversity project

Cultural entrepreneurship in libraries

In the journal "New Library World", Vol. 107 Iss: 9/10, pp.434 - 443, one can find an interesting document by Jelke Nijboer, (The Institute of Media and Information Management, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), entitle "Cultural entrepreneurship in libraries". [...] Purpose – The purpose of this research is to show how librarians today need to be cultural … Continue reading Cultural entrepreneurship in libraries