Entrepreneurial principles of the Cultural and Creative Industries

A book entitled "Pioneering Minds Worldwide: On the Entrepreneurial Principles of the Cultural and Creative Industries" and edited by Giep Hagoort, Aukje Thomassen and Rene Kooyman, works around the 'Actual Insights into Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship Research'. The key elements are Concepts & Perspectives, Urban Development, Innovation, and Education. To access a preview of the … Continue reading Entrepreneurial principles of the Cultural and Creative Industries

Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship

An interesting reading can be found in "The Engaged Scholar Magazine" of the Michigan State University entitled "Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship" (Volume 3, Summer 2008). Its author, C. Kurt Dewhurst, Department of English at the College of Arts and Letters of MSU, talks about [...] "leveraging Michigan's creative talent". Here is an abstract: "Michigan has embraced … Continue reading Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship

The Silk Road Project

The first Deans’ Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge was held through the Harvard Innovation Lab (i-lab) during the 2012-2013 school year. This program drew on the combined expertise of the Harvard Business School (HBS), the Division of Arts and Humanities in the Faculty of the Arts and Sciences (FAS), and the Silk Road Project. Find out more … Continue reading The Silk Road Project